Monday, December 12, 2011

13 days until CHRISTMAS!!!!

Can you believe how fast the time is going by?!? Are you rushing yet to get everything done? Is your house full of craziness and excitement?? Have you started your baking? There is SO MUCH TO DO this time of year!! My Family has spent the last week moving so we haven't even had the chance to THINK about Christmas!! I know so many people stress alot this time of year making sure they have everything done and perfect! But don't forget to stop, breathe, relax and DANCE!! That's right! Grab your kids, your spouse, your neighbors kids or whoever, turn on some music and just dance!! I promise you will feel better!! AND it could even win you a GREAT prize!! Email me a picture or video of you, your kiddos or spouse dancing to be entered into the drawing!! I promise it's a GREAT PRIZE TOO!!! Here are the rules: Send me a picture or video of someone in your Family dancing to by Friday December 16th. I will post each of them and then you get your friends to "like" my page and go comment or like your photo. The person with the most votes wins!!! Happy Dancing everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!