Friday, September 9, 2011

1st Giveaway is FINALLY here!!

 So I know I originally said that I wasn't doing a giveaway until I reached 100 fans, BUT I decided that I already have ALOT of amazing fans! So let's do a giveaway NOW!! Woo Hoo!! Everybody loves cookies right?! What about cookies served in a hot pan, topped with ice cream and chocolate and caramel and...Ok, you get the picture!! Well my Family LOVES these cookies in a pan, also known as Skookies!! So I decided for this giveaway the prize would be This!!!  YEP!! All of that! Two pans, hot pads, a recipe book AND cookie mix!! Awesome right?! You know you want this to be yours!! So, here are the rules. Go to our Facebook Page. Click "Like" to become a fan. (I know a lot of you are already fans on the page.) Then promote "Jack's" page on your page and share with your friends!! Let's see how many NEW fans we can get!! Once you have promoted the page on your own, leave a comment or click Like under the post with THIS SPECIFIC BLOG! Then I will add your name to the drawing pool!! If you don't have a Facebook page then tell a friend about us verbally and leave me a comment on here so I can add you too! Tell your friends about the giveaway so they can have a chance too!! This is for ALL of my fans, no matter where you live! I will ship the prize directly to you!!! I will announce the winner on Wednesday Septmeber 14th! Thank you all for your support and GOOD LUCK!!!



  1. I "like" you on facebook, and "shared" your post about your blog...Please Enter ME in your giveaway!!! I would totally LOVE this one!

  2. Mmmmm... C is for cookie, cause cookie good for me! I've liked you from the moment we met. hee hee... I like you here, I like you on FB and I like you in real life... I'm so corny.

  3. Edna is so FUNNY!!! I like you both hahaha...