Thursday, February 2, 2012

Adorable Magnet Boards!

I can't take credit for this one because I actually got the idea from a friend and "Jack" follower! As soon as she showed me, I knew I wanted to make one!! So we had a girls craft day and got it done! It was pretty inexpensive to make too because I had everything I needed except the frame and the metal! What you need to make this:

An old frame
A sheet of metal cut to the size of the opening of the frame
Spray adhesive
Hot glue gun

I got 12x24 sheets of metal at Ace. They do a Military discount so it was the cheapest place for me! :) I had tin cutters so I used them to cut our metal to the sizes we needed. Be safe and wear gloves because the metal gets sharp! First I painted my frame. While it was drying I sprayed the glue (that Elmer's spray glue is amazing stuff!) directly onto my metal and promptly wrapped the fabric around it. I glued down the excess fabric on the back. While that was drying I applied hot glue to my magnets and stuck one to the back of each piece of make up.

When I put it all back together, this is what I had!! Isn't it adorable?! No more messy makeup bag! Since I used hot glue, the magnets easily peel off so you can put them on your new makeup! You can take this idea and use it for pretty much anything! Another friend had an idea to use it for nail polish! It cleans out space in your drawers and gives you a pretty picture to hang on your wall! By the way, my brush holder is thee top piece of a plastic wine glass that I had in my cupbord! I'm thinking about cutting out my first initial with my Cricut and putting it on the cup!


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