Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sweats, Slippers, No Makeup and Homemade Hot Cocoa!!

Last night I was going over my calendar. Everyday seemed to be full! Photoshoots, Army Ball, Preschool, Dentist, Visiting Teachers, Meetings...I could go on! However, today was COMPLETELY OPEN!! I decided to take advantage of it! I showered and got right back into clean PJ's! It has been a fantastic day. I picked up a litte bit, danced with Troop, edited photos and made bread! I suppose I could have taken a nap...NAW! As I was editing photos I suddenly realized how cold I was!! The downstairs of our house is an ice box. I even had the space heater blowing at my feet! STILL COLD! I decided I needed Hot Cocoa. Troop wanted some too! We are a little picky in this house and prefer our Cocoa mix homemade. We ran out a couple weeks ago and made the mistake of buying a box of it instead of ingredients to make more. It was just NOT the same! As I was making the cocoa mix I had an idea to share it with the rest of you! I got the recipe from my Mom so I quick text her for permission and she agreed! Thanks Mom! This recipe is SUPER easy and only has 5 ingredients! Here they are:

8 Qt Powdered Milk
1 lb Powdered Chocolate Milk Mix
11 oz Powdered Cremora
1 cup Powdered sugar
Salt (just a dash)

Mix it all together in a BIG bowl. I dump everything into my biggest mixxing bowl, put on the lid and shake it!

Here is my recipe for it! I LOVE this book! My Mom made it. It's full of recipes from 5 generations of my Family!

When you finish it, store it in an airtight container! Now, I DO NOT drink coffee. However, I LOVE flavored coffee creamers in my cocoa. I'm usually a hazelnut with a little caramel flavoring kind of girl BUT I recently discovered a Cinnamon Vanilla. It is amazing! There are so many flavors you can choose from too! I prefer the liquid creamers over the powders! Captain Hunks specialty is a scoop of ice cream and a candycane Hershey's kiss!


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