Monday, June 3, 2013

Putting Pinterest Pins to Use!!

We ALL have a Pinterest, right? If not, get on board! :) How many of us have 100+ amazing recipes, DIY tutorials, activities for kids, etc..just sitting on our boards. "Oh that looks amazing! I'm gonna pin it, probably never actually do it, but I am gonna pin it, just in case!" Sound familiar? When I first started following Pinterest I was really good at trying 1 new recipe or idea a week. Then life got in the way. Well now it's Summer time. The kids are home from school and they get So rather then letting them sit on front of the tv ALL DAY, plan some fun activities, using ideas that you have found on Pinterest!! I saw this really cute idea where everyday was a different theme! I tried to download her little list, but you had to take one ridiculous step after another...NOT COOL! So, I decided to create my own and share it with you all! And YES, it is a FREE printable!

Click on the title "Summer Fun" and simply follow the download instructions. Print it off and hang it on the fridge! I sat down and organized stuff 3 weeks out. You don't have to plan ahead that far out, but I like to know what we are doing. I decided to make your first week easy and share with you what we will be doing for our first week!

Week 1

Make Something Monday- Make a treat or a craft that you have pinned! We are making Strawberry Sweet Rolls!! YUM!

Take a Trip Tuesday- Take a trip to the Library, the park, or a free museum! You may be surprised how many there are!
We are going to visit our new library and get library cards!

Wet Wednesday- This is pretty self explanatory! There are SO many options for water fun! This week we are playing with the sprinkler under the trampoline!

Thinking Thursday- There are so many fun, at home science experiments! My little Troop loves learning and watching how things work! This may become our favoite day! This week we are making Bouncy Balls!!

Fun Friday- Let the kids pick something fun they want to do or just pick a fun activity you have pinned! This week we are making a movie theater! Complete with all the fixins'!!

Have fun utilizing those boards that are filling up! Can't wait to hear some of the fun things ya'll will be doing!



  1. Love this Chels. Just a few ideas we thought of when we saw this before...Take a trip Tuesday (since we live someplace small that doesn't have a lot of afternoon trip destinations) doesn't just mean you have to go somewhere. For example give your day a theme, one Tuesday it could be China, look up stuff, watch movies about and then create a dinner around that place. Also Wet Wednesday doesn't just have to be outside wet. It could also be a day to make all those fun bath ideas we all pin. Thinking Thursdays is a great day to 'think' spiritual also (like Personal Progress or Faith in God). So excited you shared with us!! Love ya!

  2. Oh those are all great ideas!! Love the take a trip ones!!