Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bleach, Bleach and MORE Bleach!

I warned you that I LOVE bleach! So I decided to do an entire post about it rather than multiple. Though, I can't promise I won't think of something else that has to do with bleach later on down the road! Does anyone else struggle with their dish cloths starting to smell mildewy after a couple days? I feel like it got so much worse when we moved to Colorado! Thank goodness for clorox!!! First of all, I switched to white dish cloths. At the end of the week I take all of my dish cloths and soak them in a bleach bath! I fill the sink a couple of inches deep with scalding hot water and add a tablespoon of Clorox. I let them soak for about an hour then I throw them in the washer, by themselves, and wash them like normal. Not only does this help remove ALL stains, it also seems to help with the mildew smell. I can use a dish cloth for a couple days longer then when I don't use the bleach! Cool huh? Not only do I love bleach but I love ALL things Clorox. Especially the Clorox anywhere spray. I love it because I can clean my counters and the inside of my fridge with it and it is COMPLETELY safe!! It won't even harm your food! In my research of looking at some other things that bleach can be used for, I came across something interesting. Take it as you will, I won't be offended if you disagree!

I thought it was pretty cool and MIGHT just try it! Let me know what you think! :)



  1. I'm not sure why the link wouldn't attach! Copy and paste in into your browser!

  2. did you put a space after the last / ?

  3. No space! Just copy the link and paste it into your browser! I'm gonna post it on the facebook page just in case!