Monday, August 1, 2011

Turn Up The Music....AND DANCE!!!!

It's a new week so that means ALL NEW exciting tips, tricks and of course, a new RECIPE!! Today however, isn't about removing a stain or how to cook this or that. It's about turning up the music, grabbing your spouse or kiddos and DANCING!! That's right!! You know you have done it! And if you haven't, now's your chance! Growing up, Saturdays were ALWAYS cleaning day. I can't remember a single one without the music blaring! Whether is was Def Leppard or New Kids, with five girls in the house it was never a dull moment! We loved to dance in the living room and SOME of us made up new dance moves! :) It made cleaning the house much more fun and the time would go by fast! Even though I have been out of the house for 9 years I STILL turn the music up and dance in the living room or kitchen or WHATEVER room I am in! Even Captain Hunk dances with me! When Troop was just a newborn I would turn on The 90's AT Noon on a local station and carry him around while I danced! Now that he is nearly 4, he too LOVES music and dances his little heart out! So my tip for the day is to take a break from your busy schedule, turn on some music and dance your little hearts out!! I promise it will make ANY bad or boring day 10X better!


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  1. Ok I know I'm a little late on reading this post, but it's exactly what I needed this morning to face this day. Nothing like a good memory and a wonderful idea to start your day. I Love You!