Friday, August 26, 2011

Flour, Flour, FLOUR!!

This morning I was at the grocery store and nearly SQUEALED with excitement when I saw my brand of flour in 20 lb bags!! You think I'm crazy, right? Think again!! About 8 years ago my Mother in Law gave me a bucket of flour that she brought home from New Mexico. I used to think flour was flour. NOPE! This stuff was AMAZING!!! It is SO fine that you never have to sift it! It makes baked goods turn out light and fluffy and is just all around amazing!! The bad part was no where in MT sold it so my Mother in Law ordered it in bulk so we could stay stocked up!! When I moved to Colorado my Aunt found a local grocery store that sold it, but only in 5 or 10 lb bags. We go thru too much flour in this house!! Sometimes they run out and that makes for a very unhappy Wife! Now that I know I can get it in the big bags, I will be adding it to my food storage!! Someday I know I will live in a  place where I don't have such easy access to it!! I think everyone should try it out!! It's called Blue Bird flour and is made in Cortez, CO. I know many places in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Texas sell it. If you can find it, try it!! It is a little more then regular flour but it is SO WORTH IT!! I promise! If you would like to find where you can buy it, click here and you can call the number!! To my Colorado friends, you can buy it at King Soopers or Albertsons. It's on the bottom shelf in the baking aisle in a cute white flour bag!! Happy Baking!

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