Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Food Pictures!!

Apparently, today is NOT my day!! Some pics from my camera got deleted from my card and I'm not really sure how...But, I still have three pics from my cooking day on Friday!! I seriously cooked from 9 am til 330 pm! I got everything done except my bread, chili and empanadas!! I was pretty proud of myself!! Plus with all the chicken I boiled I made a TON of stock!! My plan tomorrow is to get all of the hamburger meat cooked up so I can make my chili and empanadas! Today I am making bread. I found some hazelnut flour at the store so I am SUPER excited to make some hazelnut bread! YUM!!

Here is all the food right before I began! I forgot to mention while I was doing all of this I was also cooking yummy food in my Crock Pot for my Friend's Bday party which I had that night!!

Potatoes for the breakfast burritos!!

Most of my finished product!! 1 jar plus 24 little muffin cups of chicken stock!!

We actually had one of the bags of the healthy BBQ chicken last night! It was delicious! The only complaint were the sweet potatoes. Neither of my boys really liked them!! Next time I will use regular ol' russetts!

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